BitWarden - the Password Manager

Password Manager

Password Manager

A relatively new Password Manager worth our attention is BitWarden.  There are quite some good comments on the internet.  Following are some advantages:

  • Free version is available for the individuals.  Even for the paid families version, it costs only US$1/month which includes sharing with 5 users good for family & friends.
  • It supports desktop, web browsers & mobile, with automatic synchronization and this represents most of our needs.
  • It supports 2FA (Two Factors Authentication).
  • It is offered as open source software.  It allows users to host on their own servers even for the free version.  So if you are technical enough, you can have everything own by yourself, without the fear of information leak to the others.
  • Very reasonable fields for each records, and even including a Notes field and additional custom fields
  • It includes a simple folder structure so that users can better organize their records in hierarchical manner, even though only 1 level.
  • It includes a password generator, with which we can create password with high level of security.


Why should I Trust Bitwarden with my passwords? - see here.


The software can be downloaded at


Brief information of BitWarden can be found in the following YouTube videos: