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Cursor Jumping While Typing

Cursor Jumping While Typing
Sometimes when we are typing on a notebook computer, the cursor suddenly moves to another location and as a result, you type into the wrong place.  Sometimes this is very annoying, and cause a lot of inconvenience especially when you are a fast typist. The main cause is probably your touchpad of your notebook computer.

Little Tips for Online Speaking

Tips for Online Speakers

Number of online meetings and webinars has increased quite a lot.  Many people switch to online activities with the situation of the Corona Virus in the world.  Online meetings suddenly become a hot topic in the market.

For most people, this might be their first time using these online tools.  Particularly, it is even more difficult for those who need to speak online, no matter whether he/she is an experienced public speaker or not.

How to Add Your Business to Google

Google My Business

The Google Maps function, formerly known as Google Places, is now part of the Google My Business dashboard, which is Google's dashboard for managing and tracking your online presence across Google's various platforms, including:

  • Google Maps
  • Google+ (now only available for Google Business)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords

This is part of the digital branding or digital presence for businesses in the digital age.  Following are the advantages:

QR Codes

QR Codes

Introduction of QR Codes

QR code is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code, which was developed in Japan in the early '90s as a 2-dimensional matrix bar code.  It is a cheap solution enabling print-to-online by delivering machine-readable encoded information.  With the popularity of the internet and e-commerce in China, and the popularity of mobile applications and mobile payments, the use of QR codes has become not only popular but also essential in many mobile applications nowadays.