Some Nice Tips about YouTube

Some Nice Tips about YouTube

Some Nice Tips about YouTube

Following are some really nice tips for YouTube:

  Key stroke control of YouTube video on desktop
1 Left and right arrow keys backward or advance the video for 5 seconds
2 Space pause
3 Keys 0 - 9 advance to 10% to 90% of the video
4 Shift > or Shift < increase or decrease the playing speed of the video
5 > or < by 
6 + or - change the font size of the subtitles
7 Shift N or Shift P next or previous song
8 Up or Down arrow keys voice volume adjust
9 M enter mute (no sound)
  Operation on phone or iPad
1 Touch on left or right side of video backward or advance the video for 5 seconds
  Other controls located in the icons of the video screen
1 Subtitle  
2 Auto translation  
3 Setup of playlist  
4 Wrap playlist  
5 Recommended Content YouTube recommends videos content according to our watch history.  Go to "History" on the left sidebar, select history, and there we can clear all history or pause watch history.
6 Search filter

After entering the search screen on YouTube, there is a Filter available on the top left hand corner of the video.

One of the interesting video is 360o videos

7 Define start time of the video in sharing link  
  Good tools for YouTube videos
1 Convert video to GIF Modify the URL on the browser by adding gif in front of (i.e.

Tunes to Tube



YouTube only allows to upload video files.  Using this utility, it is possible to upload audio file in mp3 format, then choose a picture as the background of the video.
3 YT Cutter Download 10 min of YouTube video clips, or in download in other format

Ref:  令人意想不到的 10 個 Youtube 小技巧,你都試過了嗎?