Tour Guide on Mobile

A simple tour guide on mobile takes care of every needs in the overseas tour
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Tour Guide on Mobile

Tour Guide on Mobile

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This was a small project to take care of a self-planned and self-managed tour group with friends for around 26 people to Taiwan, which facilitate everyone in the group for most of their needs during the tour.

When mobile and internet is what people are carrying along the way, we can also make use of them for a better life and arrangement.  With the easy setup of BYOS system, a mobile-first responsive was built.  Most of the content and resources were available from the internet.  It was just a matter of easy integration.

BYOS solves our problems in real life.  It is a matter of ideas and actions.


Showcase specifics

The system was very simple.  A lot of web-based free resources available on the internet already fulfills most of what we need.  It is a matter of finding what was suitable.  The finished system was just a website.  By creating shortcuts on mobile, it looks like an App and everything becomes available at the finger-tips.

This was a very simple system.  Considerations was mainly based on:

  • Mobile only design.  Users will access only through mobile.
  • Choice of suitable apps on mobile which most of the people already have, including some Google apps.
  • Special application in Google maps, supporting marking of location spots and routing.  It is a free service available just not too many people are aware of.
  • Thinking from user experience perspective was the main approach.
  • A lot of content searching on the internet for suitable photo, introduction and videos for each location spot of interests.

Building the system only took 1-2 hours.  However, a lot more time were spent for gathering of information and content from the web, choosing good and suitable ones, which took a few days to complete.  If more people be involved to collect information, the system can grow into a nice app for everybody.