BYOS02 Workshop: Build a Simple Intranet

This is the second workshop of the two on BYOS Foundation, following BYOS01, and cover the next level of BYOS technology.  In this workshop, we continue to build a simple intranet system, covering more real-life needs in an organization.  It will be more challenging with much more complications in the areas of system structure, controls, workflows, permissions, etc, and also people.  These 2 workshops complete the BYOS Foundation, which is necessary to start other real-life applications, and enter the world of digital innovation.  Other workshops in the BYOS series will work on some common practical digital platforms.

BYOS02 Workshop - Build a Simple Intranet
No Tech Background Required
No Tech Background Required

When technical is no longer a short-coming, you can go much much further, and you won't even see where it ends ...

The Approach Fitting Most People
The Approach Fitting Most People

Building while using is the norm for normal business people in real life.  Learn BYOS and start to master the technology and make it your tools.

BYOS is about Leadership and Change
BYOS is about Leadership and Change

Managing all the changes is what makes you a mature leader.

Platform You Can Manage
Platform You Can Manage

A system is truly in your ownership only when you can master the technology.  Change of minds is only a few clicks away.

Learn to Face the Digital Challenges
Learn to Face the Digital Challenges

Challenges and experience build your competence, your career and your future.

Digital Transformation is Change Management
Digital Transformation is Change Management

Manage change with fun and a rewarding future.

Non-Traditional Learning
Non-Traditional Learning

We believe in experiential learning.  We combine classrooms, online learning, 1-on-1 online sessions and remote assistance to delivery very non-traditional learning experience.

BYOS Builds Your Competence
BYOS Builds Your Competence

Digital competence is the survival in the digital economy, and where the world is going.  BYOS walks with you for an easy start, and much much more ...

Tools for Consultancy
Tools for Consultancy

When things can be visualized and experienced, it worths a thousand words.


This is the second workshop to complete the BYOS Foundation, following BYOS01.  In this workshop, you will learn to face more complications building a simple intranet.  A system is normally much more demanding because there will be more ideas, requirements and more stakeholders.  In real-life, it is also change management you will have to face.  Therefore it is more challenging but that's also what makes you a true digital leader.

On the technology side, we shall go deeper into system structure, workflows and permissions, etc, covering more advanced techniques and methodologies to handle these complications.  We shall combine the website built in BYOS01 as front end, and this intranet as back end, so it will be one single installation with multiple platforms.  You will also see more in the area of user expereince (UX).



  • One installation multiple systems to handle different departments or team.
  • Face the complicated considerations in a system, which is still driven by business needs, but with more stakeholders.
  • Experience how digital transformation challenges an organization as well as yourself.
  • Experience the concept of internet business and start of knowledge management in real-life.



This is a continuation workshop after BYOS01, to complete the BYOS Foundation.  It's for you if you are those:

  • who already completed BYOS01, and wish to finish the BYOS Foundation.
  • who already have projects in mind or looking for digital solutions which BYOS can help you
  • who consider to develop BYOS skills as consultancy tools
  • who consider to build his/her business using BYOS



Successful completion of the BYOS01 workshop is necessary.



  • Learn to build real-life systems and applications solving real-life problems
  • Gain experience and maturity facing more complicated digital projects, and become a digital leader
  • Learn and experience the complication of going through digital transformation, for both the organization and the individuals
  • An enabler to digital knowledge management



Similar arrangement as in BYOS01.



This is an experience of digital transformation, probably going to be your game changer.  It is an investment for your future.  The workshop is designed with around max 8 participants, limited by the 1-on-1 coverage for remote assistance.

Those who register for both BYOS01 and BYOS02 workshops together at the same time will enjoy a 15% discount.  Students will also enjoy a 15% discount.



All paid participants can repeat their learning of the same workshop free of charge when seats are available.  Please do not interfere the progress of the workshop or other people.



Those who are interested in this workshop, self-funded but require financial assistance, can apply for our subsidy program.  We try our best to support and help, and hope you will pass on the same spirit too.  Please contact us for more details.



Special arrangement can be made for group registration or on-site training.  Please contact us to discuss.


Total 15 class sessions, out of which 50% are 8 x 2.5 hours face-to-face meetings, plus 50% 1-on-1 online sessions for practical hands-on tutorials in your flexi-time arrangement.  Participants are expected to work independently on their assignments in their own time.

In case of public gatherings ban still enforced by the Government, online meetings will be arranged to replace the face-to-face meetings, or in mix.

Requirement Completion of DYOS01 workshop is compulsory.
Equipment Server will be provided for each individual.  You just need your own computer and internet access, equipped with webcam and microphone for remote assistance.
Learning Assistance
  1. WhatsApp group for collaboration and sharing and peer-to-peer support.
  2. Additional 1-on-1 Remote Assistance via phone, WhatsApp and Zoom

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm, twice a week for face-to-face meetings.  Special arrangement also available.
Participants can bring simple dinner on their own.  Drinks will be available.

1-on-1 online sessions will be arranged individually for checking of the assignments and answer ad-hoc questions.  Duration depends on individual's progress, within 1 hour.


The Wave, 10/F
4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

(MTR Kwun Tong Station Exit B1)

Photos of the Venue

* change in venue might happen and participants will be notified.

Language The language of instructions will be in Cantonese.  Special workshops can be arranged if English or Mandarin is desired.  Materials will be mainly in English.

HK$12,000 per seat

Stay-at-Home Offer

* those who register BYOS01 & BYOS02 workshops at the same time can enjoy a 15% discount.
* students can also enjoy a 15% discount.

Seats Capacity The workshop is designed with around max 8 participants in order to provide sufficient and optimal 1-on-1 remote assistance.
Registration Please click here to register for the workshop
Enquiry KF Cheng
Tel:  +852 9889-3449
Email:  [email protected]

This second workshop will open your eyes to the eco-system of Drupal and its powerful features.  Together, we shall use the website (from BYOS01) as front end, and bulid a simple intranet (BYOS02) as back end.  It will be one installation with multiple platforms.


General Knowledge and Concepts

  • Complication of systems in relation to nature of business operations
  • Concept of internet business and platform operations and how it changes the way business is run
  • Business analysis, business process design and implementations for success
  • More about customer experience
  • Opportunities of BYOS in organizations
  • How BayGO concept aids business and system process setup
  • Knowledge management concepts and applications in business organizations

Reviews, key learning, discussions and discoveries will be shared in each meeting.


Technology @ the Next Level

  • Security considerations and practice
  • Methodology to deal with more complicated system architecture
  • Concerns with access rights, permissions and user roles
  • Online forms and its integration with business.
  • Site level, page level and field level permissions & structures
  • Adding power to the system to fit the increased complications
    • Important modules for knowledge repository
  • Taxonomy & tagging in more depths.
  • Future opportunities



  • Understanding the need and importance of BayGO concept, and why it is so important for business nowadays, and how the BYOS systems can support this style.
  • Other complimentary web resources for business
  • Business or job opportunities for Certified BYOS practitioners.
  • The BYOS knowledgebase
  • The BYOS Club and opportunities




KF Cheng

Founder, Director & Consultant

KF has 38 years of work experience in different industries and capacities.  His educational background covers engineering, computing, telecommunications, e-commerce and knowledge management.  He exhibits strength in entrepreneurship, analytical skills, and combining digital technology into business.

BYOS is an idea created by KF, originally started in 2015 to pursue actions and practice in Knowledge Management, and discovered it is equally good for the practice in digital transformation, innovation, personal development and website or system building.  His discovery was evidenced in his practice in the past few years, and decided to bring to the market in 2020 with the following principles:

  • Worthwhile and make-sense for the organization and individuals
  • BYOS as an eco-system so that more organizations and practitioners can join and share experience
  • Combining business and IT to the next level, which is digital economy, or internet-thinking


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