Special Introductory Offer

The first BYOS Workshop will start on 2020-06-01.  To celebrate the birth of this workshop, a Special Introductory Offer is available for this first time workshop.  Bundled offer and Subsidy Program are still applicable.  Note that special conditions apply.

BYOS01 Workshop

BYOS02 Workshop

Applicable Workshops



Workshop Fees

(One time only.  Price will be increased in next workshop schedule)

Offer Expired

33% Discount

Originally HK$12,000

now @ HK$8,000


Offer Expiry

This special introductory offer will expire at the start of each respective workshops.

Bundled Offer

15% extra discount applicable for those who register for BYOS01 & BYOS02 workshops together at the same time.

Subsidy Program

Subsidy program can be applied if you are self-funded.  Please talk to us @ +852 9889 3449.  We support and help those deserved who will also pass on the same to the others.

Workshops Applicable

BYOS01 Workshop
BYOS02 Workshop

Following Conditions Apply

We look for continual improvements of our workshops and learning experience.  With this introductory offer, the following conditions apply

  1. This special introductory offer applies to BYOS02 workshops only for this one time.
  2. Reply to our surveys with your true and honest feedback during and after the workshops.
  3. Give us your testimonial after completion of the workshops.
  4. Accept our interview about your learning and hands-on experience.
  5. You agree that we shall have the rights to publish your these inputs on ours or associated platforms.

We shall notify you before we publish.  We commit that we shall not mis-use or over-use these information.  We shall make sure all requests and arrangements are meaningful and make sense.


Course Pricing

Typically, other similar courses are priced above our standard pricing.  Following is an example:

Typical training courses costs