Forget specifying 100% requirements upfront.  Just do it when it comes to the mind.  Wishes without barrier become innovation.

Ideas without barriers become innovation

Ideas without barriers become innovation

Things change, including our minds.  Can you stop changing your mind?  It is a natural thinking and learning process for most people, but also the biggest challenge in traditional IT system development.  And then IT people always ask for requirements and scope upfront, and mind-changing becomes guilty.


What is BayGO

BayGO is like preparing a PowerPoint for presentation.  You make changes along the way, again and again.

Most people have this experience when they do presentation or training.  You forget how many times you have changed.  You make changes even last minute.  That's how we think in reality.  That's how our minds go.  That's also how creativity comes.  The key is, whether things are under your own control, or others.

That's why in BYOS, the process is as important as result.


How BayGO Works

BayGO is an ideal situation because you don't worry forgetting important requirements in specifications.  You'll just do it when it pops up in mind, or change it when you find a better way.

With BayGO, there is no more barriers to your ideas.  Mind changing is no longer a problem.  The remaining cost is your time - when will you stop.

In reality, this becomes the supporting force for continual improvements.


Digital Transformation for Organization

With a BayGO enabled BYOS practice, when technology is no longer the barrier, trials, experiments, designs and implementation become the norm and the culture.  This is Digital Transformation.  When change becomes the culture, it's fun, not pain.

And for the individuals, the experience becomes satisfaction and competence.