About Us

IntelliLife HK is a privately owned company established in Hong Kong since 2011 by KF Cheng, aiming in offering consultancy service in IT and knowledge management.  We partner with different organizations and professionals in different areas of expertise to provide the necessary service for our clients.

We develop BYOS to help organizations and individuals learn building their own systems or websites as a learning for digital transformation and competence building based on open-source technology.

BYOS Workshops are developed to help SMEs to acquire the BYOS knowledge and skills in a learning by experience manner, focused in solving of problems in real-life.  No technical background is required to attend the workshop.  The workshops target in training of problem solving skills using digital solutions, and applying knowledge management in business.

BYOS service packages are available to help the trained SMEs in digital transformation without the need of establishing an IT department.

KF Cheng, the Director and Consultant of IntelliLife HK, has been engaged in a lot of knowledge management activities in Hong Kong, including associations like KMP, ICM and GCMF.