Hiring of Knowledge Organisation Specialist in Singapore

Original post on Careers@Gov

Original post on Careers@Gov

A job is posted in Singapore for the position of Knowledge Organisation Specialist for MAS - the central bank, on a term of 1-year contract.  It is interesting and informative in the job description and requirements.  Following are some highlights:

  • MAS has a Enterprise Knowledge Department
  • Works on taxonomists and data modelers to deliver enterprise-wide taxonomy and metadata schemas that help business users find what they need
  • Develop enterprise-wide search and auto-classification services
  • Information classification and retrieval techniques
  • Content should be properly tagged
  • Search strategy and tuning of search results

Requirements of the job include:

  • 5+ years experience driving information architecture and discovery
  • Master in Knowledge Management, Information Science or equivalent
  • Ability of presenting to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Some technical understanding of taxonomy management systems and content management platforms
  • Great a solving problems
  • Likes to do good work and inspire others to do good work, genuinely interested in helping others


This is, in my experience and opinion, is the difficulty in the job of knowledge management.  Basically it requires a very diversified knowledge and skillset.  Quite a high level of knowledge and experience in technology, and how technology can interface with human needs in reality.  This has been something I understand much more after my practice of BYOS, building systems, analyzing business needs, and work on content, tagging, etc.



Ref:  Job Posting at Careers@Gov - [MAS] #SGunited Knowledge Organisation Specialist (1-year contract)