Hands-on and real-life experience is our emphasis
BYOS01 Workshop - Foundation
Kick-start your digital experience journey with BYOS, and start your dreamed digital solutions to solve your real-life problems and needs. Best reward for career development you'll regret why not earlier.
BYOS02 Workshop - Build a Simple Intranet
Continue the BYOS journey to complete the BYOS Foundation. Learn to face more complications in digital transformation and learn more in technology, business analysis and change management through actions.
BYOS02 Workshop: Knowledge Repository
Applying knowledge learned from BYOS01 & BYOS02 to build a knowledge repository, and explore applying KM practically in Business.
BYOS04 Workshop: Online Learning System & KM
Applying BYOS knowledge to build a repository of organizational knowledge & experience.
Coming Soon
BYOS05 Workshop: Personal KM & pKM System
This pKM workshop explore tools and systems which affects our efficiencies and capacity in work, and apply BYOS to solve our common problems.
Coming Soon
BYOS06 Workshop:  Applying on Mobile
Extending the BYOS experience from web to the mobile, and learn what are the differences.
Coming Soon
DS01 Workshop: Content Creation on CMS Digital Platform
Develop the skills to handle web-based content creation and editing. Content is the fundamental need for organizations and business in the digital era.
Coming Soon