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Cursor Jumping While Typing

Cursor Jumping While Typing
Sometimes when we are typing on a notebook computer, the cursor suddenly moves to another location and as a result, you type into the wrong place.  Sometimes this is very annoying, and cause a lot of inconvenience especially when you are a fast typist. The main cause is probably your touchpad of your notebook computer.

Using PowerPoint for Graphics Creation

Practical PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

Apart from creating presentations, PowerPoint is actually an excellent graphic creation tool for the non-technical people because of its flexibility and easy-to-use nature.

Attached is a practical PowerPoint training of 33 minutes.  Learn all the practical skills that most of which you will need for creation of content including graphics & video.  All these will save you a lot of time in the future, and might even be tools to create videos, and training materials.


Drupal 9 Released

Drupal 9 Released

On June 3, 2020, Drupal 9 had been formally released, which marks another milestone of the most powerful enterprise open source content management system in the world.  According to the press release by Drupal in Portland, Oregon, one out of every 30 websites in the world has chosen the platform for their ambitious digital experiences.  That includes:

Why I use BYOS to support Knowledge Management

Why I use BYOS to support KM

BYOS is actually a personal research project I started back in 2015 on my own, with the objective of looking for a suitable and low-cost solution to build a KM system to be used for knowledge management in organizations.  It took me quite some time to reach the current solution that I have found, and the result is quite satisfactory.

I looked into different criteria that I consider important to build such a system, from different perspectives of the business needs, user needs and technology considerations.

Little Tips for Online Speaking

Tips for Online Speakers

Number of online meetings and webinars has increased quite a lot.  Many people switch to online activities with the situation of the Corona Virus in the world.  Online meetings suddenly become a hot topic in the market.

For most people, this might be their first time using these online tools.  Particularly, it is even more difficult for those who need to speak online, no matter whether he/she is an experienced public speaker or not.

What is BYOS

What is BYOS

BYOS means Build-Your-Own-System.  It is a term created by KF Cheng of IntelliLife HK for the purpose of easy understanding.  To make it simple:

BYOS is a simplified methodology that non-technical users can follow to build their own systems or websites, even though they do not have a technical background.

WA Business

WA vs WA Business

Recently the author has the chance to review WA Business and how it can be useful in business organization applications.


No doubt, WhatsApp has become a more important communication tool than emails, and has become so popular in areas like Hong Kong.  Some of the well known features in addition to Instant Messaging include: