BYOS Mentor Programs

Mentoring programs for BYOS practitioners who require on-boarding service and confidence building support to kick-start their real-life projects.  It is also in-house competence building programs for organizations.  Flexible and affordable packages are available for different stage of project and different level of confidence, which relief pressure & risks from new system builders.

BYOS Mentor Programs - Your Partner Helping You Build Your Competence

BYOS Mentor Programs are designed for support to new BYOS practitioners who has completed at least the BYOS01 and BYOS02 workshops.  It is also a good in-house competence building program for organizations, especially SMEs.  These mentor programs builds their confidence, relief their pressure, and reduce the risks in their real-life projects.

Different subscription program packages are available according to different levels of needs, and different stages and/or complexity of projects.  It is not advised to stay in program A or B all the time.  Moving to program C should be the target at the right time.


Programs Service Packages

(A) On-boarding Mentor Program

On-boarding mentor program is designed for new BYOS practitioners, with additional top-up BYOS training when necessary.  This mentor program is more suitable to those who require additional training to build their confidence in real-life applications.  After initial program, practitioners should consider moving to program B or C at right time.

  • once a week 1/2 day for additional top-up BYOS training when needed
  • once a week 1/2 day visit covering meetings, discussions, support & consultancy
  • additional visits can be arranged on reasonable terms
  • remote assistance
  • access to BYOS knowledgebase


HK$30,000 x 1 month


HK$24,000 x 3 month package

(B) Normal Mentor Program

Normal mentor program is designed for new BYOS practitioners or start of projects, building their confidence in real-life projects.  After initial program, practitioners should consider moving to program C at right time.

  • once a week 1/2 day visit covering meetings, discussions, support & consultancy
  • remote assistance
  • access to BYOS knowledgebase


HK$15,000 x 1 month


HK$12,000 x 3 month package

(C) Remote Mentor Program

Mentor mentor program is designed for more matured BYOS practitioners for continued BYOS advisory or problem solving.  This program is recommended as continuation of mentor support after package (A) or (B).

  • remote assistance only for BYOS advisory, & problem solving
  • access to BYOS knowledgebase


HK$9,000 x 1 month


HK$6,000 x 6 month package

Knowledgebase Subscription

Access to the BYOS knowledgebase, which are knowledge including proven experience for system building.  The knowledgebase will be continuously updated.


included in (A), (B) or (C) program packages.

For paid subscriptions, please refer to Knowledgebase Subscription Package

Additional Visits

Additional on-site training or visit arrangement for organizations for different purposes, such as:

  • Coaching, workshops, trainings, and meetings related to BYOS
  • Trainings in other areas, including Knowledge Management, knowledgebase setup, taxonomy, KM portal, etc.
  • Trainings in digital skills
  • Business strategies and methodologies
  • Business analysis and system designs


HK$2,000 per hour, min 2 hours.

Special discount for BYOS mentor program subscribers



These mentor programs aim to provide effective support for BYOS practitioners to handle real-life projects, and aids to SMEs to build their in-house competence for digital transformation, and effective career development for internal staff.

The BYOS Journey builds confidence and competence through actions.  We support and facilitate SMEs in Hong Kong in their knowledge management and digital transformation, build their in-house competence to master their own business development and change.  We believe people in their positions know better about their job, the market, their own needs, and the BYOS practice can help you go much further.  We help you to put investment in yourself with the right mentor at the right time.

KF Cheng
Director & Consultant, IntelliLife HK


1 Prices mentioned are based on 1-time advanced-payment.
2 BYOS service packages are provided to organizations with BYOS practitioners, who have gone through at least the BYOS01, BYOS02 which are the BYOS basics.  Preferably they also cover at least 1 other workshops in the series.
3 Additional training in other but related disciplines are available such as Knowledge Management, Digital Transformation, Front End Content Editing, Content structure & taxonomy, etc.
4 Remote assistance is an effective and timely yet low-cost support through phone, WhatsApp or online communication services like Zoom or Webex.



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