Customized Digital Solutions

We build digital solutions based on proven open-source technology, and pass the benefits of savings in time and money back to the clients.  We customize system to fit your business needs and process, not the other way round.  We work like your in-house team but together with your involvement, and only at a fraction of the cost.  We make this possible using the BYOS methodology in the BayGO approach.  You see progress in days instead of weeks and months.

BYOS System Building

What is BYOS System Building

BYOS System Building service works like your Virtual Development Team with yourself being the project-in-charge, but you don't require technical background.  We provide consultancy advice.  Together we help you formulate the system architecture based on your business needs and ideas, then we start system building.  You'll see the progress day-by-day, and monitor changes without wait.  You'll start uploading content without waiting for completion after months.  Thanks to the BayGO approach supported by BYOS.  We shall have meetings both on-site and remote, because there will be a lot of communications necessary.

We can offer this service because BYOS is based on a mature and well-structured open-source technology with 20 years of history.  Want to know more about BYOS, click the following button:

What is BYOS


How Long Projects Take

How long it takes depends on you as the project manager, not us.  The advantage of BYOS is its flexibility.  That's why the way BYOS System Building service is offered, is like your internal staff - by contract.


Project Team

In mid or larger projects, we start with 1.5 to 2 persons hands-on, plus your own team members from your side.  You will lead the project as PM.  You should also need helper(s) who can prepare data and upload content for you.


Cost Consideration

BYOS is based on open-source technology, therefore there is no consideration of initial setup costs as other proprietary systems.  There are normally big savings because of this already.  Clients will prepare their own servers whether in-house, cloud-based or even shared hosting.  Server costs are minimal.  BYOS is open-source therefore free.  The rest of cost considerations will go to intangible man-power cost, both from you and from us.  It also depends on whether you want a full-time, half-time or quarter-time team to cope with your plan and progress.

For small projects which can be completed within a few days or a week, we work on project basis.  For mid or larger projects, we provide man-power with BYOS expertise and experience to work with you in the project team.  Cost will be like hiring of most other staff of similar capacity, except on contract terms.  Prepay or on a retainer arrangement on payment is necessary.

Very often, training will be required when coming to specific areas of operation.  Such training can be carried out by us or our associate partners, on separate charge basis.


How to Start

Talk to us and discuss.  We'll give you our best advice, and explain in more details.  We cannot commit everything can be done, but we'll give you our honest advice and suggestion.




$$ A Fraction of Comparable Staff Salary
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