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We are building a team.  We invite like-minded experienced people of different background to join our team to offer valued-added services to our clients.  As a team we can learn and serve better.  Please talk to us with confidence, and tell us your passion in details.

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BYOS Opportunities

We look for suitable business partnership to deliver BYOS Workshops, or to provide appropriate supports.  Ideal candidates would be those who has completed our BYOS workshops.  Following opportunities will be available.  Interested candidates can consider this as start-of-own-business, or second career:
Chief or Asst Workshop Leader Deliver BYOS workshops.
Remote Assistant Provide BYOS Remote Assistance support to BYOS workshop participants
BYOS System Builders Help to build BYOS systems for clients as part of a team
BYOS Consultants Provide consultancy on BYOS projects
Trainers Provide different kinds of trainings that clients may require in their journey of digital transformation, such as content editing, data entries.
Content Editors, Data entries Helping clients to enter content or data

Part-time or contract partnership is possible.


KM Opportunities

The original purpose of BYOS is the creation of a Knowledge Repository, to help business organizations in the area of knowledge management.  BYOS is a perfect platform for this purpose which provide solid solutions.  Knowledge Management training and consultancy is our another area of business.  Interested passionate parties can join with us as associate partners in this area.  Here are some examples of interests:
  • Consultancy in
    • Knowledge repository system setup
    • Online training portal setup
    • Knowledge base setup
    • Taxonomy setup & management
    • Knowledge audits
    • On-boarding program
    • Online training preparations
  • Trainings
    • Knowledge Management in general
    • Taxonomy
    • Online course creation
  • Other suggestions
    • Apply your passions and expertise

Please feel free to talk to us and explore more opportunities together.