KF Cheng

Founder, Director & Consultant

KF has a broad background and experience in covering different studies, business and industries.  Details can be found in  KF's Linkedin profile.

Starting 2012, KF dedicates a lot of effort in the area of knowledge management, and how to make things work in the real business environment, with the following key points:

  • Real learning is not just attending classes.  Taking actions is.
  • All management is change management, and is difficult.  Only person we can change is ourselves.
  • Confidence and competence is a matter of experience and memory.  Actions re-enforce this.
  • Every individual is an innovator in his own area, but limited by his methodology, tools, resources and flexibility.
  • Digital is changing every aspect in our lives and the economy, and no doubts an important skill set for everyone.

Through his 6 years of experience in actions, KF designed this BYOS workshop series.  He brings it to market with the following principles:

  • Organization investment must be cost-effective, reasonable, affordable and make sense so that the entry barriers should be low enough for SMEs who also deserve learning and development.
  • Jobs and opportunities arising from supporting this BYOS practice should have their costs kept reasonable and minimal to maintain a sustainable eco-system.
  • The BYOS eco-system also brings opportunities to those experienced and willing to pass on their knowledge & experience with same beliefs.

Although BYOS was originally pursued for the practice of knowledge management, it actually works well in digital transformation, personal development, and IT development too.


Skills and Experience

38 years Work Experience
38 years Knowledge Management
11 years Knowledge Management
11 years Knowledge Management
6 years Drupal
6 years Drupal
5 years BYOS
5 years BYOS