Experience to Innovation

When users build their own systems, and when there is no barriers to ideas, changes and innovation will come.  This is a business-to-technology transformation, not vice versa.

BYOS: From Experience to Innovation

BYOS: From Experience to Innovation

BYOS is not a technology or programming workshop, even though technologies are used as tools.  It is a journey delivering a problem-solving experience.  More specifically, it is a facilitated self-learning and discovery process in business practice, business process, and solution building.  It is problem solving technique using digital solutions.  When learners acquire these techniques, it empowers them to solve other real-world problems, or inspire them with new ideas.  That is how innovation comes.  That is also how the digital economy in real-life is.

Hands-on practicing, experiments, questions and discussions are emphasized, and this is also how the BYOS workshops are designed.

The workshops target business-minded people with ideas for digital transformation and improvements.  When there is no barriers to ideas, the BYOS skills becomes your tools just next to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  The rest is your creativity.

In the BYOS journey, you'll be inspired how business can be operated on a digital platform, and how that might affect your business strategies for now and future.

BYOS system building is mainly based on open-sources.  Cost is negligible.  The real cost is your time and your dedication, but the returns are your achievements and personal development.


How Things Work

In the BYOS practice, we first examine business needs, then we consider how it can be solved digitally in a platform operation manner instead of the traditional mindset, and what benefits will be brought.  You'll look for the right modules and configuration to achieve what you need.  Everything is driven by business needs.

In contrast, many traditional IT systems are provided open-box, but you have to adapt your need into their pre-defined framework or workflow.  That is why most IT system implementations require a lot of customization, and are very costly.  It is fast solution, but sometimes can also be a barrier.

With BYOS, technical background is no longer a barrier, everybody can become a system designer or system builder.


How to Proceed

The first 2 workshops BYOS01 and BYOS02 are designed to cover the BYOS Basics, which are fundamental knowledge of the technology, packaged with projects of common interests.  No technical background is needed.  1-on-1 remote assistance will be provided when needed.

After completing the BYOS Basics, learners can continue with other workshops to apply the BYOS knowledge into real-life applications, and see how technology is applied to business, again in a hands-on experience process.

Following BYOS workshops are in the releasing pipeline, and more will be coming:

The BYOS Basics
  BYOS01 Start with a Website An easier entry for inexperienced learners.  Digital marketing will also be included.
  BYOS02 A Simple Intranet A practical way to start the experience of building a more complicated system.
The Advanced (coming soon)
  BYOS03 Knowledge Repository Build a knowledge repository, learn about KM and taxonomy
  BYOS04 Online Learning System Repository of organizational knowledge and experience, start from learning
  BYOS05 pKM System Tools that knowledge workers cannot miss
  BYOS06 Applying on Mobile Replacing mobile app with an absolutely low cost mobile-first BYOS bulid
  more will come it's just a matter of inspirations


The Goal of BYOS

BYOS is the idea of KF Cheng, originates from the ideas of Knowledge Management practice.  It was a discovery during KF's consultancy and senior management practices in different business organizations starting around 2014/5.  The system built is a final product which can be very useful at zero cost.  The biggest benefit is the learning, the experience and the innovation behind the practice.