BYOS04: Online Learning System

This is a practical workshop applying BYOS to Knowledge Management for organizations.  In this workshop, we look into what knowledge and experience is important for an organization, and what can be done.  You'll see how online learning can be made effective when it can be made interactive.  You'll build an online learning system with interactive features, and learn some content creation skills which make sense in organizations.


BYOS04 Workshop: Online Learning System & KM


Different experienced KM specialist speakers will cover this workshop.  As in other BYOS series, practice and applying to business is the focus even though academic and technology will be covered.  This workshop is currently under preparation.  More details will be announced when it is available.

This is the next advanced level of the BYOS workshop series.  The BYOS01 & BYOS02 workshops are pre-requisites, where the basic knowledge and skills of BYOS are covered to support further BYOS practice.


Coming Soon