BYOS05: pKM System

PKM is a branch in knowledge management.  Every knowledge worker has his own set of tools or system to manage their own daily needs, but still are never enough and constantly facing all sorts of problems.  Unsatisfactory pKM system affects our efficiencies and capacity.  Even though pKM is personal but still form a part in the needs of knowledge workers.  In this workshop, a pKM system will be built to satisfy some of our needs in our daily life, and help us to solve some of the problems.


BYOS05 Workshop: Personal KM & pKM System


This workshop is a little bit different.  We shall apply our BYOS knowledge to build a pKM system for ourselves.  While doing this, we explore what common daily problems we have been facing, and learn the hidden problems we have, and find solutions for ourselves.  This workshop is currently under preparation.  More details will be announced when it is available.

This is another advanced level of the BYOS workshop series.  The BYOS01 & BYOS02 workshops are pre-requisites, where the basic knowledge and skills of BYOS are covered to support better BYOS practice.

Coming Soon