BYOS06: Applying on Mobile

This is a practical workshop extending BYOS to mobile.  No doubts mobile has become a very important area when we consider building a system.  In BYOS, we can make our sites or systems responsive.  In this workshop, we shall further analyse the difference between a responsive design to a mobile-first design, and build a system dedicated for mobile.


BYOS06 Workshop:  Applying on Mobile


When a system is built, unavoidably we have to consider the mobile side requirement.  Building a mobile app requires more professional technical skill, and much higher cost. and is outside the scope of BYOS workshop.  However, when the requirement is not that strict, cost and flexibility is a consideration, we might consider alternative solutions.  In this workshop, we try to create mobile-first application, or one with mobile dedicated design.  We shall explore the difference between from the web to the apps.

This is another advanced level of the BYOS workshop series, extending to the next level.  The BYOS01 & BYOS02 workshops are pre-requisites, where the basic knowledge and skills of BYOS are covered to support further BYOS practice.

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