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Get Organized - Our Knowledge

Get Organized - Our Knowledge
Knowledge management was a nice terminology, but was mis-leading too. Knowledge is something nobody would say no. Management is also something good and acceptable. But when we put the 2 words together, it becomes something different, something difficult to explain. That makes people falling into a trap. Some people heard about it, some not. After a few years' hard practice in knowledge repository, I try to re-think about it, and re-understand what really is knowledge management. Everything re-started from organizing our knowledge .....

Using PowerPoint for Graphics Creation

Practical PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

Apart from creating presentations, PowerPoint is actually an excellent graphic creation tool for the non-technical people because of its flexibility and easy-to-use nature.

Attached is a practical PowerPoint training of 33 minutes.  Learn all the practical skills that most of which you will need for creation of content including graphics & video.  All these will save you a lot of time in the future, and might even be tools to create videos, and training materials.


Why I use BYOS to support Knowledge Management

Why I use BYOS to support KM

BYOS is actually a personal research project I started back in 2015 on my own, with the objective of looking for a suitable and low-cost solution to build a KM system to be used for knowledge management in organizations.  It took me quite some time to reach the current solution that I have found, and the result is quite satisfactory.

I looked into different criteria that I consider important to build such a system, from different perspectives of the business needs, user needs and technology considerations.

What is BYOS

What is BYOS

BYOS means Build-Your-Own-System.  It is a term created by KF Cheng of IntelliLife HK for the purpose of easy understanding.  To make it simple:

BYOS is a simplified methodology that non-technical users can follow to build their own systems or websites, even though they do not have a technical background.