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Using PowerPoint for Graphics Creation

Practical PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

Apart from creating presentations, PowerPoint is actually an excellent graphic creation tool for the non-technical people because of its flexibility and easy-to-use nature.

Attached is a practical PowerPoint training of 33 minutes.  Learn all the practical skills that most of which you will need for creation of content including graphics & video.  All these will save you a lot of time in the future, and might even be tools to create videos, and training materials.


WA Business

WA vs WA Business

Recently the author has the chance to review WA Business and how it can be useful in business organization applications.


No doubt, WhatsApp has become a more important communication tool than emails, and has become so popular in areas like Hong Kong.  Some of the well known features in addition to Instant Messaging include:

Problems of Downloading Pictures becoming JFIF Format

JFIF Convert to JPG

Recently it's been noticed that when downloading photos from WhatsApp, or dragging image out of browsers, it saves itself as a JFIF image on Windows 10, instead of JPG.  Although JFIF is also a graphic format, it causes a lot of inconvenience to some users.

JFIF is the JPEG File Interchange Format.  Apparently it's been around since 1991, but it is a strange format to most users.

Following is the Fix for this problem.

Basecamp - A Project Management Tool

Basecamp Project Management System

Basecamp is a good project management tool over the internet.  Project management is difficult because we always face these challenges:

  • Information is scattered in separate systems, getting too hard to manage
  • Files can be filed in different locations, different servers/computers and by different people
  • The individual calendar is separate from shared calendars
  • Some team members not notified, or losing tracks

Basecamp features 6 areas for each project: