DS01: Content Creation

Content is King.  In real life, lots of content are required.  As a result, digital skill is one of the most important skill set in this digital economy era, which brings opportunities in career development in the future workplace.  This hands-on practical experience workshop format will help to build your confidence and competence.  No technical background is needed.  This workshop is part of the Digital Skills Workshop Series.


DS01 Workshop: Content Creation on CMS Digital Platform

About the Workshop

The workshop aims at developing web content creation and editing skills for non-technical people.

Each participant will start by learning to building a separate and independent simple website, which is the bonus of this workshop taking an extra meeting.  This website will become the platform for each participant to build their own content.  Through this hands-on practical experience, participants will learn different skills in creating and editing web content like in a real life environment.

During the workshop meetings, demonstrations, reviews and discussions will be held.  Practical hands-on exercise will be done by participants in their own time and pace arrangement.  No technical background is required for this workshop.  Remote assistance through tools such as WhatsApp and Zoom will be provided on a 1-to-1 basis when needed.

The course will cover not only basic web editing knowledge but also more advanced skills for some common special features meeting the up-to-date requirements, which will be helpful for career advancement.


Who Should Attend

This workshop targets those who have the needs in their job to do content creating and editing, or those who wish to develop their digital skills of modern digital knowledge workers for their future career.


Workshop Arrangement

The workshop will consist of 5 face-to-face class meetings, each last around 2.5 hours.  Each individual participant will work on their own individual website which is provided free of charge in this workshop.  Participants will need their own computers and internet connection.  Remote assistance and support will be given through Zoom and WhatsApp for fastest possible response to participants.


Repeat Learning Policy

All paid participants can repeat their learning in the same workshop free of charge when it is available, provided seats are available and no interference to the progress of other people.


Subsidy Program

Those who are interested in this workshop, self-funded but require financial assistance, can apply for our subsidy program.  We try our best to support and help, and hope you will pass on the same spirit too.  Please contact KF Cheng for more details.



One dedicated meeting will be spent on building a simple website, which is the bonus of this workshop.  Participants will have the chance to see and experience how a website can be built without technical background.  This bonus meeting will not go into details of website.  If participants are interested, they can consider enrolling the BYOS01 Workshop - Start with a Website, which is a separate and more detailed workshop to prepare learners not only to build website, but also covering business and systems in future.

People who has completed this DS01 Workshop will enjoy a special 20% discount to enter the BYOS01 Workshop.


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