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Basecamp - A Project Management Tool

Basecamp Project Management System

Basecamp is a good project management tool over the internet.  Project management is difficult because we always face these challenges:

  • Information is scattered in separate systems, getting too hard to manage
  • Files can be filed in different locations, different servers/computers and by different people
  • The individual calendar is separate from shared calendars
  • Some team members not notified, or losing tracks

Basecamp features 6 areas for each project:

Google Cloud for Free

Google Cloud Platform

Google is offering its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for free right now up to US$300 within the first year.  It is a good opportunity to try it out using this, and experience cloud computing.

  • Compute Engine - 1 to 96  processors, 6-624 GB RAM, Disk of different technologies
  • Preconfigured images which are available only by copying, or duplicate your own